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At SINBONO, we are committed to operating sustainably on every level of our business. Each decision we make serves to fulfil our mission to empower fashion lovers to make responsible, sustainable choices when shopping for must-have accessories that complement every look. Thus, we continuously implement sustainable principles into our manufacturing and production processes to ensure that we uphold our commitment to ethical fashion.

Why Vegan Leather?

The adoption of veganism could lower your carbon footprint by as much as 73%. Some small and mindful decisions about the products you purchase can have a significant effect when looking at the larger impact it has on the planet and its inhabitants. We are dedicated to crafting premium-quality handbags and accessories with the planet’s best interests always top-of-mind. Our vegan leather is made out of responsibly recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fruit materials instead of animal skins. This means that by investing in our handbags and accessories you are contributing to:

  • A completely cruelty-free process that ensures no animals are harmed

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions during production 

  • Reducing or no toxic chemicals used in the processReducing or no toxic chemicals used in the process

  • Increasing water saved during production

  • Reducing the pressure that chemically-treated, animal-derived leather has on landfills

Produced with Animals in Mind

As a PETA-APPROVED brand, we are honored to offer our customers a range that makes you feel just as good as you look.

With a 100% cruelty-free product offering, we’re proud to say that our vegan leather handbag and accessory line works to completely eliminate animal cruelty.

We prioritize giving our customers peace of mind in knowing that they are investing in a brand that has the utmost respect for animals and actively works to oppose animal cruelty in the industry.

When you purchase a product from us, you can safely know that no animals were harmed in the process of creating your handbag or accessories and that you’re contributing to a healthier, more equitable industry for both humans and animals alike.

Leaving a Sustainable Legacy

We have carefully considered our options for the most sustainable materials possible when creating our handbags and accessories, deciding on using reclaimed apple skins for our range and 100% recycled plastic bottles for our linings. 

  • We responsibly recycle plastic bottles into polyester, breaking down the single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into pellets and using this recycled material to make our handbags.

    Recycled plastic lining aims to re-use what would have been single-use plastics, effectively making a contribution to lowering the pressure that plastic waste puts on landfills and decreasing the amount of plastic pollutants in our oceans.

    It also reduces the amount of water consumed during production by a staggering 50%.

  • In addition to using recycled PET bottles, we use reclaimed apple skins which is a bio-based alternative that results in a versatile, robust and affordable product that is soft to the touch and delivers on quality.

    ‘Apple Leather’, as the material is referred to, has a range of benefits including being UV-resistant, hypoallergenic, fully biodegradable and requires no animals to be harmed in its production.

  • Giving Back

    As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will plant one tree for every product sold with the help of ONETREEPLANTED. When you buy from us you are helping support our mission to save animals and the planet by embracing a kinder, more sustainable and ethical way of living.