Brand Story - Best Price Sustainable Fashion Brand | SINBONO

Hola from New York!

Introducing the epitome of sustainable fashion and the unapologetic expression of bold New York-inspired design. Our brand offers a unique approach for eco-conscious travelers and urban adventurers alike. Our bags are meticulously crafted for those who embrace sustainability, functionality, and the spirit of exploration, regardless of location, time, or companionship.

  • The Genesis of SINBONO Story

    In 2020, amidst the bustling streets of New York City, Barry a visionary designer deeply passionate about sustainability, witnessed the environmental impact of fast fashion and mass production. Determined to make a difference, Barry embarked on a mission to redefine fashion accessories, birthing a new era of sustainable luxury: SINBONO.
  • A Star Emerges

    Drawing inspiration from the vibrant landscapes and diverse cultures of New York City, Barry introduced Vienna Collection, a line of impeccably crafted sustainable bags that seamlessly blend style with environmental consciousness. Each bag, meticulously designed and ethically produced, reflects our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.