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O2O Retail

For art museums, boutiques, clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, and more, who want to earn extra income effortlessly, SINBONO handbags offer a unique opportunity.

Display SINBONO handbags in your establishment without the need to stock inventory. Every customer who scans the QR code and purchases a handbag from the SINBONO website will earn you a 20% commission on the total order amount.

For instance, if your shop serves 400 customers a day and 40 individuals purchase a SINBONO handbag, you could potentially earn extra cash like this:

$16 * 40 * 365 = $233,600 per year

Drop Shipping

If you are a small boutique/shop owner or e-commerce business owner looking to purchase handbags individually, our drop shipping service is ideal for you. With drop shipping, we offer:

Establishing Collaboration:

Contact the brand owner to discuss the details and terms of dropshipping collaboration. Sign a contract or agreement to ensure clear definition of rights and responsibilities for both parties.

Setting Order Processing Procedures:

Define the order processing and delivery procedures. You'll need to promptly communicate customer order information to the supplier and ensure that the supplier can process and fulfill orders quickly upon receipt.

Developing Pricing Policies:

Determine the pricing negotiation between you and the brand owner, including your cost to the supplier, your pricing strategy, and profit distribution.

Establishing Effective Communication Channels:

Ensure there is an effective and open communication channel with the brand owner to promptly address any issues or questions related to order processing and shipping.

Integrating Systems and Technology:

If possible, integrate your sales platform with the brand owner's system to enable automatic order transmission and tracking.

Maintaining a Good Collaboration:

Regularly communicate with the brand owner and work towards establishing a strong collaborative relationship to ensure long-term stability and business growth.